Friday, May 22, 2009

Gossip Moms

My name is Amapola Gold and I am the shiksa from Manila...

Parents like to talk about their children.

Moms love to gossip about theirs.

We especially love to gossip about...

how they’re doing in school,
their social life,
their clothes,
their friends,
their friends’ allowances
their friends’ curfew,
their friends’ parents,
their friends’ parents’ jobs
their friends’ parents’ homes
their friends’ parents’ vacation homes
their cars,
their favorite junk food,
their test scores,
their grades,
their teachers,
their crushes,
the 4 bases,
the best deodorant,
the best tampons,
the best house for smoking pot,
the best beer,
the worst beer,
the best way to get high,
the worst way to get high,
the coolest mom,
the coolest dad,
the most boring mom,
the most boring dad,
the worst mom,
the worst dad,
the worst child,
and of course, the best child.

Usually mine. Always mine.

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