Monday, June 8, 2009

Gossip Shiksa Moms

My name is Amapola Gold and I am the shiksa from Manila...

When shiksa moms get together, like any kind of mom, we LOVE to gossip. Overheard at one such gathering was a random sampling of things that strike our curiousity and therefore gossip about. We like to know...

Is he from the tribe,
Is she from the tribe,
Did he convert,
Will she,
Are they raising the kids Jewish,
Are they raising the kids with both,
How is it possible to do both,
Will she get a Sweet 16 party,
How big is the bat mitzvah,
Who’s the deejay,
Where’s the party,
How many people are coming,
Did she wear Betsey Johnson,
How do you keep kosher,
They come to my home for dinner but won't take my food into theirs because they're kosher,
For pork they come to my house,
Onions or shallots for latkes,
Mohel or hospital,
Can we have a tree,
Fresh or plastic,
Fir or spruce,
Truffle-fed pigs doesn’t make the pig kosher,
A pig will never be kosher,
Can we be buried together,
How do you feel about cremation,
I hate fasting,
I don’t know how you can fast,
What will happen to me when you’re in your family plot,
Can my ashes be sprinkled over you when my time comes,

How did I get into this....


Schvach said...

Why have you stopped blogging?

Sophia Romero said...

Life catches up occasionally. I was also thinking of blogging as myself, no longer as Amapola Gold and see how that changes the voice, the material, the dynamic. But the stories remain the same.